Merry * EARLY * Christmas!

During this season, our lives are filled with thousands of unknowns.

It is thankfully looking like I could be out of state for Christmas and I hated to miss our children's Christmas morning, so we opted to celebrate early!

We didn't tell the kids anything.  I gave them new jammies the night before; they were excited but never asked "why" they were getting them.
{One of our family's traditions is to get new pjs Christmas Eve}

When they woke up we explained that we had a surprise for them; it was so magical to see the excitement in their eyes to know they got to open gifts EARLY!

Speaking of gifts, in an effort to simplify our lives, we opted for the kids to receive 3 gifts this year; just as the Wisemen brought Jesus.

For our family, it was perfect!
We didn't buy just to buy.  The kids weren't overwhelmed.  Our house doesn't feel 'stufficated'.

We let Kensley run to the living room first.  She had asked for another American Girl doll, Josefina, and was shocked she actually got her.

I'm not too sure why/how since it's the only big item she asked for... but I'm glad she got her Christmas wish!

{ Notice the matching gingerbread jammies? }  Kensley was tipped off by this detail when I gave her the pjs on Christmas Eve.  She read the "Dollie and Me" brand and wanted to know where the doll clothes were.  We tried to play it off, but she just knew they came as a set!  She's one smart cookie!

 Now it makes sense while we let Kensley go in first, huh?
Nolan's drums are cool... but VERY, VERY (did I mention VERY?) loud!

His little face lit up; he's totally embracing the new nickname of Little Drummer Boy.
After they saw their main gifts, they opened the others and their stocking stuffers.
These little glasses were one of our best purchases we have ever made; money well spent!
I asked the kids for one posed picture and then I gave them my real gift.

The gift of time.  The gift of me being present.  The gift of helping them.
The gift of listening to them.  The gift of watching them... not through a camera lens.

And by the aftermath on the floor; our kiddos are still MORE THAN BLESSED!


Melinda said...

Merry Early Christmas! We always celebrate early too on the years we head up to Indiana! The girls never know what morning they'll wake up to find Christmas under the tree! So fun!

hellen greek said...

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aurie good said...

I love the look on the kids faces when they saw their gifts :) I did the same thing today - I took a few pictures and then I was pulled into removing packaging and playing with new gifts :)