Classical Conversations - Week 10

This week we had a huge shift in our learning at home.

I spend countless hours searching and preparing for exciting ideas, but the kids have grown accustomed to it.
Almost as if they were entitled to getting to constantly do fun things; always expecting more.

That's a mindset that neither Rob nor I will tolerate so we made the executive decision to cut back on the extras.
In the future, fun projects will need to be earned so that they will be appreciated more.

The kids have continued with their subjects the old fashioned way... reading and writing with less crafts.
It's not my ideal way of teaching but we refuse to raise kids who aren't appreciative of the sacrifice homeschooling is on a daily basis.


This week, the kids officially learned all 50 states and capitals!
We finished up with states from the Pacific Northwest, my old stomping grounds.
I contacted a few friends and they graciously sent the kids information about their states!

In case you have never had one, Idaho Spuds have a 'smarshmallow' as Nolan calls it, creamy center covered in chocolate and topped with coconut.  
The kids ** REALLY ** enjoyed their treats from Becca in Idaho!

My Mom's best friend, Vicki, sent the kids a special little basket weaved out of pine needles,
I'm so thankful for everyone who helped make learning so fun for our littles this week!

Most of our state learning was done on the internet or borrowing books from the library,
but we added a few more books to our CC collection.

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