Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 9

We are still focusing on learning more about music;
this little fortune cookie was a fun way to review note/rest values.
For History, the kids learned about The Compromise of 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott decision.
We read about Harriet Tubman and learned about the Underground Railroad.

Once again, Deceptively Educational came up with a very cool idea!
Check out her Underground Railroad Game.  
{This little guy of ours is coming out of his shell and becoming more dramatic; his sister taught him well.}

I strongly recommend you visit National Geographic's site and download the Freedom To Journey game.
For the computer it's free, but we chose to pay for the app so that the kids could both play at the same time, and on the go.
The game is very interactive; you are a slave trying to escape and you get to make decisions throughout the game.
Depending on your choices, you may escape to the north, or you may be caught.

Kensley I were both fascinated by all of the different meanings of the quilts slaves used.
We printed off these quilt squares and Kensley colored and assembled her Underground Railroad Quilt on poster board.

 ... still learning about the human body ...

 We are drawing close to wrapping up our states/capital section!  Wahoo!
This week we talked mostly about Hawaii; our sweet neighbor, Miss Nancy, has been to Hawaii several times
and came over to read the kids some books and tell us about her experiences.

Isn't her Gecko necklace and authentic dress fun?
 She even brought a lei for the kids to wear.

The kids during Children's Church got to make their own wooden bags,
Kensley made hers to vacation at Hawaii!

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