Oh, The Memories We Made!

My Dad had a week of intense testing at Duke Medical Center, in Raleigh, NC.
My brother and his fiance were in the Dominican Republic so my parents,
myself and the kids headed down for a mini vacation.  At times, I was a single mom to SIX!  Eeeeek!

This is only the third time that all of the little cousins have been together but their smiles were contagious.

My Mom recently went to Amish Country and picked up this fun treat; popcorn on the cob.

The excitement on Kensley's face was far greater than I could have ever imagined!

Our kids were thrilled to get to participate in their FIRST slumber party! 
Kensley fell asleep quickly.  The others... well... after 2 hours I put the kids in their own rooms.

While we were there, Ethan had a soccer game.  Watching those little kids run was priceless.

After the game, we all enjoyed super sugary snow cones!

The kids also made fall cookies; As usual, Kensley mostly enjoyed eating the sprinkles.

Our kids saw cotton grown for the first time.  Upon Kensley touching it she exclaimed, "Hey!  This is the stuff that takes nail polish off!"

Before you are down south, spot some cotton and pull over, let me give you one tip.

Tiny.  Red.  Ants.  Bite.

This picture is actually the second ant's nest I accidently stepped in within the 3 short minutes we were at the cotton field.
At first my foot felt like I had multiple bee stings, which then turned into puss/liquid blisters.  Uggggh.  Life.  Lesson.  Learned.

While downtown Raleigh, Nolan said he wanted a hot dog from a street vender.

After locating a parking spot and paying $2 for parking with a credit card {their town is so much more fancy than ours}
the kids patiently stood in line and at the last second... asked for a bag of DORITOS instead of a hot dog.  Crazy kids.

We visited FOUR awesome museums while we were away, so check back soon for those pictures!


aurie good said...

What a trip! I would never have thought to look for fire ants - yikes!! When we go into NYC we always have to grab a hot dog from a cart too!

Melinda said...

Yep, those little fire ants are vicious!! And poisonous! Gotta watch for those little devils!