Coral Has Always Been One Of My ** FAVORITE ** Colors!

For the past 6 years, I have wanted perfect pictures.  After years of epic failures, I gave up.
Totally.  100% gave up having high expectations with no results.

Several people questioned where were the kid's first day of school pictures.
The truth is, I didn't take any.  It didn't fit into our schedule and the kids weren't feeling it.
I didn't want more fake smiles.  I have dozens of those photos already.
I have tried hard to extend grace and chill out this year.

Impulsive backyard snapshots are quickly becoming my favorite.
Pictures have now turned into something {almost} stress-free.
I invest no more than 10 mins.  No fancy outfit changes, no fancy backgrounds.

Just the real them... and that's my FAVORITE!


Melinda said...

so pretty! I like chilled out shoots too :-)

aurie good said...

We do chilled out shots too - even when we go and get the pics done at a the studio. It shows off their personalities better! LOVE that dress :)