Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 8

This week's science theme was on the circulatory system.
Water beads are our kids favorite; this hands-on blood activity didn't disapoint!

Red Water Beads = Red Blood Cells (that carry oxygen)
Ping Pong Balls = White Blood Cells (that fight germs, bacteria, and viruses)
Blue Snap Beads = Platelets (that help heal cuts)
Water = Plasma (helps the blood move through veins and arteries)

The kids enjoyed playing Body Bingo!  It was fun to see how different their reactions to winning were.  
Kensley let out a quiet, "Oh my stars" while Nolan about jumped out of his chair screaming!

For history we covered the Missouri Compromise.  Slavery is such a sad, horrible thing.

Even activities with candy and comics doesn't sweeten up the sad reality of the lives those people lived.
V. I. C. T. O. R. Y.
This, my friends, is what victory looks like for our family with the tin whistle for fine arts.

Last year, Kensley struggled to tolerate the different sounds with ear plugs in.
This year, you can see a smile eeeeking out!

Nope, we aren't focusing a lot on the instrument but rather more on the music theory.
That's the advantage of homeschooling.  You get to tweak it to what works best for your family!

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aurie good said...

Great wrap up! I need to download that Body bingo game :)