Nolan's {Actual} 4th Birthday

The eve before Nolan's birthday, our family carried on the birthday banner tradition!
{Yes.  He still has his favorite dark blue blankie.  He told us he is going to die as an old man with his dark blue blankie.}

Instead of balloons this year, I thought streamers would be fun... and something different!

I sat perched outside his door at 5:00 am for almost 2 hours, but it was totally worth it to capture his sweet face racing out of his room!

For breakfast, he requested homemade cinnamon rolls.  
Then, he got the bright idea to request that everyone wear their Mario clothes from last year.

We went to Game Stop and Nolan picked a new game for the Wii U.

In addition to fire power, the characters can turn into kitties... perfect for our family!

While in town, Nolan asked for Bob Evans for lunch.
He ordered 4 pieces of bacon.  Since it was his Birthday, he let him choose.

What's better than bacon?  Bacon dipped in syrup.

The remainder of the day was spent playing Mario and Legos; perfect day for Nolan.



Jennifer said...

I LOVE bacon in syrup an it grosses Chad out! Happy Birthday, Nolan!

aurie good said...

What a fun day! We do streamers on the doorways as well, but the girls call them *washdowns* like a car wash :) It's their FAVORITE way to decorate for a party!