Nolan's 4th Lego Birthday

Several months back, Nolan said he wanted a Lego Birthday party.
I thought he would change his mind, but Legos continue to be a ** FAVORITE ** at our home!

We have really been trying to cut back and live a more simple life.
The cupcakes weren't fancy (store bought with little chocolate Lego men I made.

I found some free water bottle and mini candy bar wrappers online.
(click for my Lego Pinterest board)

 See that Ninjago, Zane?  Yep!  Coolest thing ever and almost life-sized!

Ronnie made the large Lego character; so thankful to have friends that pour so much love into our kids!

 Nolan's face says it all.  Nolan.  Loves.  Legos.

 Our neighbor, Ms. Nancy, bought the kids chairs so that they have special seats on her porch!

 ... and MORE Legos!

Nolan isn't into cake, so he opted for Dairy Queen's Star Kiss bars for his birthday treat.

Typical Boy.  Stack them up to knock them down!

Between the 13 Lego sets Nolan received, we have 1,743 little parts to assemble. No. Lie.  
We are currently working on our second set. We are all so overwhelmed; I'm expecting them to last until Christmas!

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aurie good said...

Umm....super cool! I love all the details :) What a great party!