National Day of Service 2014

 This year Kensley joined an American Heritage Girls Troop in a community over an hour away.
The distance didn't excite me, but after just a few meetings it has been so rewarding to see our daughter bloom where she is planted!

{ Kensley and Addie - who has the awesome Mama who suggested this troop to us }

 Today, September 20th, is National Day of Service.  Our Troop gathered at an assisted living facility
and picked weeds, raked leaves, swept the side walk, planted flowers, refilled bird houses etc.

I can't sing enough praises about what an amazing organization AHG is,
but the opportunity for Kensley to meet new (Christ-like) friends is invaluable!

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aurie good said...

Hmm...I wonder if we have a group like this near us? I wasn't thrilled with our local scout troop, but this looks much better!