Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 5

Shew!  Another week down!  

As always, the majority of our school time is spent on our core subjects
but we had just enough time to have a little fun this week.

These cards were a HUGE hit!  I laid the cards face down, the kids chose one and I would ask a question from this week's memory work.  
They had to answer in the way the card they selected told them too.

{ Nolan's jumping jacks totally crack me up }

For science the kids learned about the 5 main senses.  You CAN'T go wrong with The Magic School Bus book.

Because seeing and tasting were among our senses, I ordered the kids some 'eye' cake pops which they thought were super silly.

Our local Post Master makes them with his daughter as a side business.  
I love living in a small town where people know Kensley's favorite color is PINK!

The highlight of skip counting this week was getting to go to Dollar Tree, choose an item, and count by the tens to pay for the item.
Kensley chose a mermaid coloring book... after looking at each page of NINE coloring books.  Decisions don't come easy for her!

For several weeks people have been saving us toilet paper rolls.  
Friends, family, church members... everyone we know.
At the beginning of the school year Nolan made the announcement 
he wanted a George Washington wig... and that's JUST what he got!

This brick wall was painted in my parent's town, which was the PERFECT backdrop for this week's history theme, don't you think?

Although Nolan was excited for his wig... he still is not a fan of having his picture taken.

If you are a Classical Conversations family, please check out my previous posts for more fun ideas.

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