Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 4

It's hard to believe we have already completed our first month of school.
I'm so thankful that I have the same amount of enthusiasm as I did the day we started!

As every week, I had several more fun activities planned that we didn't get to tackle,
but I have to remember that the kids have the basics covered and the extras are just that... extra.

Our science this week was discussing the 3 parts of the nervous system. (brain, spinal cord and nerves)

Yep!  Those are paper brain hats.  The kids LOVED them!

We made 'brain candy' which were chocolates with Buckeyes in the center.

Our local Dollar General had a sale 50% off their items already on clearance.
I found these inflatable wands for $0.50 and created a game to better learn the 7 multiplication facts. 
I taped index cards with the different numbers scattered about and the kids had to sing the CC song and hit the correct number with their wands.

Back to science, we made spinal cords out of candy.

This activity was a win-win for EVERYONE involved!

Earlier in the summer my Dad had found large feathers and we made quill pens as part of our history lesson.

The kids practiced writing their Declaration of Independence sentence.
Although it was tracing, I am still proud of Nolan's work (red ink).

Some sweet lady converted Candy Land to an awesome CC game.
(Not positive, but I believe I downloaded the playing cards off of CC Connected)
I love that each card had the week written at the top; easy to search for correct answers.

The kids played well together... I was SHOCKED that Nolan answered all of the multiplication of the 8's correctly!

Here's a little funny for you.  Rob observed the kids playing the game.
He randomly picked a question, "What are 4 types of tissues".  Here are his responses:
1) 1 ply toilet paper 2) tissue paper 3) Kleenex 4) your sleeve.
Ummmm.  We better leave the Principal role up to him and let me continue to teach!

Fridays are our FUN DAYS and this week was no different!
I filled empty egg shells with watered, down washable paint.
I then wrote the different core subjects on the sidewalk and encouraged the kids to throw the eggs
and which subject it landed closest to, they had to correctly answer the question.

Look closely at the photo on the left.  Yep.  She got the pink hair she has always been dreaming of.

Totally Messy.  Totally Fun.  Nolan thought I was the coolest homeschool Mom ever.

And then it came time to clean up.
Remember I said that I used watered down, washable paint.
Well.  Crayola lied.  It wasn't washable.  Yikes.  Is.  Right.

Our sidewalk , which Rob formed and poured by himself, was now stained with splattered paint.

I.  Wish.  I.  Was.  Kidding.

After I freaked out, poured straight bleach on it, freaked out some more, tried scrubbing it on my hands and knees,
called my Mom and freaked out some more... I had no choice but to power wash it before Rob came home for lunch.

Rob pulled up 45 mins later and was delighted to see me frantically working.
I caved and told him it wasn't an act of service but rather trying to cover my hind end.
He chuckled and reminded me, "it's only a sidewalk".  He's the best.  Seriously, THE best!

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