Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 3

This week was C-R-A-Z-Y for us!  Rob's back totally went out.  He was down (and off work) for 5 days.
My Mom was out of town with work, so I took my Dad to North Carolina for 2 days for doctor's appointments.

By Thursday I was feeling behind and defeated.
I freely give grace to everyone else...
and finally decided I needed to give myself a giant dose of grace as well!

We packed as much learning and fun into the time we had remaining and made the best of it.

For geography, we rubbed state quarters.
My Mom and Grandma had both saved the collector's maps; perfect for each kid to work with!

Rob has been very helpful this year as our Principal.  I showed him these awesome boards and he made them in less than an hour for the kids.
He has been so generous with his time; really makes it more fun when you are a team.

(Check out Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational to download your own FREE state/capital templates.)

The states and capitals we learned this week are *local* to us so while traveling,
I sent Kensley pictures and she would text back with the correct capital!

Our kids had never visited our own capital (Charleston, WV) so we made a short little visit.
The weather was crummy but it worked out to our advantage... we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves!


The 293 foot gold dome has 23 1/2 karat gold leaf applied in 3 3/8 inch squares.
(Can you see Kensley and Nolan waiting for me at the top of all of those stairs?)

The present capital took 8 years to build (started in 1924) and cost just under $10 million.


Two thirds of the interior of the capital is marble - White Imperial Danby Vermont, Italian Travertine and Tennessee. 

The bodice is of Anna Jarvis is the woman who founded Mother's Day; a West Virginian.

Nolan's favorite part of visiting the capital was trying to catch all of the tame squirrels!

Kensley quickly mastered skip-counting the 6's... so we stepped it up a notch with stacking cups.

I told my cousin, Talia, we were learning about the Boston Tea Party and she invited us over for a real tea party.
As you can tell, our kids love going to Talia and Jimmy's house.

Talia's house is just made for tea parties as she has the coolest vintage cups and plates.

She even let the kids use her real antique pieces and pour their own drinks.
Yep.  She's cool.  Like really cool like that.

Talia kicked it up a notch when she busted out her vintage hat collection.

I'm telling you, this experience was SO special for our kids.  Thanks Tal, you totally made learning fun for us!

After the awesome tea party, I could see there was a little confusion thinking that the
Boston Tea Party was a real tea party so we did another activity using a different approach.

I originally wanted perfect little Native American costumes so that the kids could dress up as Mohawks
 (same as the colonists did in 1773) but I'm thrilled that I came up empty handed and let the kids make their own outfits.

Nolan has mastered his Native American screams.
Totally should have had a video vs a camera. 

 I took this opportunity to share with the kids some authentic arrow heads found on my great grandparent's farm dating back to the 1800's.

 Surprise, surprise!  Our little pyro, was trying to start a fire.

The kids loved having BLACK hair, especially Kensley, but the remainder of the afternoon was spent washing and rewashing the dye out of their hair...
and off of the sides of the bathtub!

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aurie good said...

Oh girl - WHY do we live states apart?! That is a great idea to do the quarter rub!

We are starting week 2 and I'm hoping to take the girls to our capitol next week, since Trenton is just down the road from us :)

I love your daughter's dresses!