Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 2

The kids have learned if they do their main school subjects quickly, that leaves more time for extras throughout the week!

No, our house isn't always clean.  Our kids aren't always dressed.
None of my ideas are super creative and pin-worthy.
Most always we don't finish the activities I had planned for the day.
They are learning and thriving and that's all that matters.

(This week's history concept was about pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact.
Kensley spent some time reading to her dolls; please stay innocent and little forever!)

(Fine arts emphasis was on mirror image/symmetry)

(Yes.  Even 3 year olds can work on their multiplication facts.
Nolan's current *favorite* school activity is writing on the windows.)

(Nutter Butter pilgrim cookies)
The kids even shared with the neighbor Ms. Nutter!

(Pilgrim hat cookies; the kids favorites)

(Science we learned about the axial skeleton)
I have found it works best for us to leave book lying on the couch; they get read more often.

(Lift and flap human body books always provoke potty humor at the Winter Ranch)

(Multiplication facts for the 4's.)
Kensley grouped her Legos into 1. character 2. animal 3. flowers 4. food
Nolan grouped his Legos into 1. character 2. animal 3. block 4. weapon

After the boards were set up the kids practiced skip counting their Lego pieces.

Lego.  Learning.  Is.  The.  Best

(State and capitals match-up)

Kensley has been so patient this week helping Nolan.
So glad I snapped a picture of them working together...
next week, it may not be the case!

(More states and capitals review)

(The expression on his face makes all of my late night planning worth it.)

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aurie good said...

What fun! We just finished up Week 1 and have our campus day tomorrow. I'm really interested to see how the girls do this year when we are learning *ahead* :)