Classical Conversations Cycle 3 - Week 1

We continue to home school year round, but are also participating in Classical Conversations
(same curriculum as last year).  It’s a 24 week program and we started back last week.  

This year attending the co-op didn’t fit into our family’s busy schedule so we are trying it solo. 
So far, the first week was amazing!

(Coloring portraits of Christopher Columbus)
(Blueberry cupakes the kids made and delivered to the neighbor)
(Christopher Columbus reading)

(Our little artists)
(Skip-counting and penmanship)
(I'm trying to make Fridays FUN DAYS so we used this fun game for review)

(Even Daddy got to participate... with a little help from Kensley)

(We wrapped up the Christopher Columbus theme with Jello ships)
(Kensley enjoyed the ships...)

(... and Nolan enjoyed mashing the Jello!)

For more CC ideas, check out my Pinterest board!


aurie good said...

Ahhh!! I love it :) I'm going to steal the jello idea, since my girls LOVE jello!

K's dresses are so pretty and unique - do you make them?

Sherri Stahlman said...

I loved homeschooling my kids and miss it so much. Seeing all you do, brings back wonderful memories. :)