Sandy's Birthday Banner Tradition

15 years ago my parents (and the rest of our extended family) adopted a sweet and sassy lady named Sandy.
It's been almost a year since Jesus called her home.  Her unexpected passing was difficult to comprehend
and even more difficult to explain to our kids as we were with her on Saturday eating banana splits and she gone on Tuesday.

As we cleaned out her apartment, it was apparent how much she truly LOVED our kids.
In every nook of her home we found little gifts and prizes she intended to give Kensley and Nolan.

We found a Birthday banner which I expected she would give Nolan' for his upcoming party.  She never missed a family celebration.
She would be the first to show up and help set up and the last to leave and help clean up.  That's just who she was.

As the pain from grief was still so raw I wanted Sandy's legacy to live on through our kid's Birthdays.
As you may remember, I hung Sandy's banner above Nolan's bed and filled his room with balloons.
It was magical; I could almost see her crazy smirk and hear her even crazier cackle.
Tonight is the Eve of Kensley's 6th Birthday and as tradition would have it, I hung Sandy's banner.
Maybe it's for me her, maybe it's for me, maybe it's for the kids.
Whoever it is for... it helps us know she will never be forgotten.
 And Sandy, if there's internet in heaven and you're reading this,
Kensley wants you to make some special muffins for Jesus tomorrow, okay?

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