Kensley's First 'Real' Bible

Now that Kensley is * SIX * she advanced into the Junior Class at church.
In this class, children earn an extra reward for bringing their Bibles.

Our home is filled with Bible story books and parables, but Kensley didn't have her own real Bible;
 one that contains all of the scripture passages.  She had been taking the Bible storybooks that we had
 but I felt that it was important for her to have the real deal.

Thankfully for us, my former employer, Family Christian Stores, was hosting a Bible sale.
I wanted Kensley to see all of her options before making her decision.  It just so happened that the first one was the best one!
I strongly recommend The Adventure Bible.  Kensley loves the texture of the flower cover and the floral print on the sides of the pages. 

Kensley grabbed a quick snack while we waited to have her name imprinted.  {Green is her new favorite color}

Although I was thrilled to catch her Bible on sale, having God's Word in her heart is P R I C E L E S S !

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