4th Of July Carnival - 2014

The carnival freaks me out for two reasons: 1) The crazy carney folk and 2) the crazy amount of germs!
But... our kids look forward to the carnival all year and so I have to suck it up and let them be little every once in a while.

This year, we were blessed to get the kids in FREE through Rob's work and the weather was super mild which made the experience more bareable!


 Clearly Nolan must have had baseball and skee ball confused as he insisted on throwing the balls.

Nolan popped up a balloon with a dart and won a little black dog who he named Fuzzy... because he is Fuzzy.
Kensley REALLY wanted a goldfish but didn't understand that you had to win it; it wasn't guaranteed.
 Nolan's ** favorite ** part of the carnival was riding the Ferris Wheel... 
... with no hands!  Clearly he gets his adventurous side from his Daddy!

After the Ferris Wheel, Kensley calmed down and we allowed her to try to win a goldfish one more time.
Guess what!?!  The second ball she threw earned her a new addition to her fish tank!
Wahoo!  I'm glad to report that the fish is still alive and well!

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