When. In. Doubt. Take. Your. Frogs. Camping.

Remember me posting about the kids catching tadpoles and then I posted about learning about tadpoles?

Guess what!?!  They are tadpoles no more.
Instead they are the CUTEST tiniest little frogs we have ever seen.
These frogs were so small, it was really hard to wrap your mind around.

Kensley insisted on making them sit on her shoulder; I kept trying to convince her that they weren't birds, but she just liked them sitting there.


Nolan was much braver than last year, and didn't scream like a little girl!

So what do you do with a bunch of mini frogs?

take.  them.  camping.  of.  course.   

 Once again, this was a FUN experience for our family... we are already looking forward to next spring!

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juliebird8405 said...

Those mini frogs are absolutely adorable!! My email: jaclark8405@ yahoo.com
Yes email me and I will let you know about milkweed. And share my secrets on raising Monarch butterflies! Julie