Tooth #2 Was {Very} Stubborn!

Kensley diligently wiggled her tooth for THIRTEEN days, but she was still unable to get it out.
In desperation, she asked me to help her.  How could I say, "No" especially since the tooth was already growing in behind it.  
{FYI: Crooked teeth totally give me the heebie jeebies!}  After just a few little tugs, it came right out!

The sad part is after all that drama, since it's on the bottom, when she smiles it's not overly noticeable.

As The Tooth Fairy promised, she gathered up her tooth and left Kensley $1.

The excitement for the day didn't end there!  While walking through the grass about 15 feet from where the kids turned their babies loose,
I found this little fella!  It has to be one of the 8 tadpoles!

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