Thanks Google! {Hypercompe Scribonia}

Yesterday afternoon, I was outside and found this bug walking in the grass.  
Having never seen one before, I called the kids over to check it out and snapped a few pictures.

Google, Kensley's new answer to everything, helped us learn that it is a Giant Leopard Moth/Eyed Tiger Moth.

This species has a wingspan of 3 inches. The wings of this moth are bright white with a pattern of neat black blotches, some solid and some hollow.
The abdomen is dark blue with orange markings, the male has a narrow yellow line on the sides. Its legs have black and white bands.
Adult moths are strictly nocturnal and do not generally fly before nightfall.  Research indicates that adult moths do not eat and only reproduce.

Obviously, I let it crawl on a stick to photograph it, but for the remainder of the evening, it never moved... not once...
not even when we took our show and tell to our neighbor Ms. Nancy.  I was beginning to feel bad that maybe somehow we made it panic and it died.
When I checked it this morning, it was gone, so I'm assuming during the night it finally took flight!

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