Julie: A GENEROUS Instagram Follower

Last year, Instagram quickly turned into my favorite social media site.
People post pictures... inspiring pictures... and there isn't any drama.
I've met a lot of friends through IG, one lady, Julie, in particular!

She had posted helpful information on a lady's picture, who I follow, about an injured moth.
I had been frantically searching for information about milkweed/monarchs and contacted her.
She jumped in with both feet providing us wonderful information based on her experiences.

She then asked for our mailing address.  It took me a little off guard.  Technically she was a stranger.
Rob and I prayed about it and came to the realization that the location of our home really isn't a secret.
I sent her our address praying that she would use the information to send the kids a little something like she stated.
Sure enough!  The kids BOTH received special packages!

I believe this is the first time that each child received their own package to open.  
They really enjoyed the stickers, which proved to be clues about what was inside.

 Kensley was first to open her package and it was full with butterfly goodies!  Julie sent a special book A Mother's Wish.
It's a tear jerker for sure, but a book that gave insight to my wish for our kid's futures.  {to give them wings to fly free}
Kensley received SIX incredible books and a cute little monarch finger puppet.
 Julie put together an amazing pirate/treasure hunting package for Nolan!
As you can see, she generously included several rocks, minerals, geodes, fossils and petrified wood
{hands on learning is always the best} in addition to THREE awesome books!
 Inspired by the new information, we headed to the library yesterday to check out a few more books on butterflies.
We currently have 5 chrysalides and should have Painted Lady butterflies in approximately 2 weeks!
 The library is one of Kensley's favorite places... Nolan is such a ham and isn't as interested.  
Next stop was our local stone yard to search for some rock treasures.
It was the hottest day of the year so we spent minimal time searching but found a few gems.

Thanks again Julie!  Your willingness to give to others blew us away!

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Melinda said...

I'm finally back on the computer and playing catch up on all your posts! Looks like a wonderful start to your summer that any nature lover would enjoy! Glad all is going well!! Miss you!!