Surprise! Surprise! Kensley Lost Her FIRST Tooth!

Rob and I were outside when we saw Kensley walk out the back door.  She came to us saying that her tooth hurt.

We both kind of laughed it off and tried to encourage her to go back inside and eat her pizza for lunch.
I quickly glanced in her mouth {to assure her that she was abosultly, positivley fine} and noticed her bottom tooth actually looked loose!

I ran inside, grabbed my camera and snapped a few last pictures with all of her baby teeth intact.

After taking a closer look, I told her that it may take awhile for her tooth to be ready to easily fall out.
She asked if she could pull it out.  I encouraged her to try, but once again reminded her... it may take a while.

She is NOT crying from pain, but rather because she saw red on the paper towel and freaked out thinking that she had pizza sauce in her mouth!

I personally expected a big reaction after she yanked her tooth out;
 instead she took off running to show Rob... and thankfully didn't lose that little tooth in the grass.

She kept her tooth safe in her box she recently made at the Pottery Place.

Her missing tooth isn't that noticeable in her new smile, but to Kensley, it's a BIG deal!

She did not place her tooth under her pillow tonight.
Instead she has requested that the tooth fairy visits her tomorrow night.
At first, her reasoning was so that she would have a new prize to show everyone at church Sunday morning, 
but now the plan has changed to providing her more time to gather supplies to build a trap to catch the tooth fairy!

{Update: details on The Tooth Fairy's Visit here}

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