Our Trip Back Home {Northwest Indiana}

As my previous post stated, we made our way to Chicago Land last week for a much needed vacation to visit our Indiana family!
The kids were WONDERFUL little travelers; we stopped at Ted's Pawn Shop in Cincinnati
so Rob could check out some more bass guitars which helped break up the long drive. 
 Right before we reached our destination, our car rolled 100,000 miles.
To celebrate, I let Nolan shoot plastic discs at me... he thought that was really cool!
There's one thing I can always count on when I go home.
Jim always has a box of Lucky Charms laying on our bed waiting on me!

After Kensley went to the American Girl Store, we stopped by the Lego store and picked up a Lego set for Nolan.  

He stayed with Rob and Rick and they rode go carts, went fishing, checked out a few more pawn shops
 and ate hot dogs; you know boy stuff, but we thought he would enjoy seeing the Chicago skyline
 and a life-size Iron Man both made from Legos.
And speaking of American Girl, I found Nolan and Kirsten fast asleep Saturday morning.  {The 'feel better set' is his favorite.}
We hit up the zoo!  Chicago is so different than good ole West Virginia.
Parking was $35.  No wonder people there walk everywhere!

{ Posing by the turtles for Ms. Nancy }
One of the coolest things Nolan saw at the zoo was a 'real life' Transformer car.
It seemed fitting since Transformer 4 was actually filmed in Chicago.

We can't make the trip without stopping at Albaneese, the candy factory.
Check out those sprinkle-covered gum balls!
Kensley thought she was pretty cool; an employee let her price some of the candy with the sticker gun.
Rob was excited to get his all time favorite candy; grape HI-CHEWS. 
YaYa sent the kids with $5 each to buy whatever they wanted and they had NO problem picking out some sugary goodness.
 Eating limes and playing in the sprinkler; what childhood should be about!
 This jump house was a life saver.  It's the only thing that kept the 5 kids under 5 contained!
I mapped out the nearest Ikea and since it was just a few miles off course, we stopped on the way home to break up the trip.
It was Kensley's first time; she thought that all of the staged rooms were set up just for her.
I didn' realize how many things we have from Ikea until she pointed out each every item we have as she saw it!
Nolan fell in love with a toilet brush.  He takes it everywhere with him, including to bed.  Weird?  Yes.

The trip was amazing.  We spent time with family.  We laughed.  We made memories.
We listed to 80's country music.  We ate too much, way too much.

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Jennifer said...

Ha! I love the toilet brush picture! I love Kensley's necklace in the picture of the zoo. Looks like you all had a blast!