It's HAMMER TIME {Making Nature Cards}

I saw this super simple idea online and since the kids are into all things explorer I thought we would give it a try!

 Gather random leaves, arrange them on card stock and cover with a paper towel.

 Lightly tap the leaves with a hammer and remove the paper towel and remaining bits of leaves.
(Rob was quick to point out that a rubber mallet would have been a better tool choice. Oooops!)

Nolan was more interested in wearing his hammer in his boot, but he finally gave the art project a try.

The Winter Ranch is covered (yes, literally) in caterpillar nests right now.
Kensley is delighted to have so many new pets to play with and thoughtfully names each one of them.

Speaking of names, Stella has earned herself a new title: EXPLORER CAT
as she follows the kids around on their nature adventures everywhere they go.

Overall, Nolan just loves being outside using sticks as weapons!

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juliebird8405 said...

Good morning! Your blog delights me and warms my soul. Brings back such beautiful memories with my children. My son and daughter are now 26 and 23. Will So glad to meet you. Will be in touch. Looking forward to sharing Monarchs with you. Julie