I Spy With My Little Eye... MORE Tadpoles!

Over the weekend, we found MORE tadpoles at my parent's house... looks like a racoon beat us to them first!

I agreed to letting the kids catch and bring home just a few MORE
just to see if they metamorphose into a different species of frog than our others.

It's safe to say that the tadpoles are taking over the school room.

As you can see, we have a variety of shapes and sizes with no sightings of back legs yet.

Kensley enjoys drawing in her sketch book; THIS illustration printout was super helpful!

This might just be my favorite homeschool picture of her yet.
Nothing like seeing your child's face light up while they are learning!

Wonder what Nolan was up to while Kensley was doing her observation study?

He got stuck in a tree.  Literally.  I'm not too sure how this even happened, but he really was stuck!

Never.  A.  Dull.  Moment.  With.  Nolan.

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