Wahoo!  Spring has finally sprung and the tadpoles have hatched.
Yesterday we went to our favorite spot and scooped up at least 75.

Kensley are Nolan are very into explorer activities right now so this is a perfect nature project to learn from!
{Times like this God is quick to remind me that homeschool is a good fit for our family.  After some recent rough days... I needed that reminder.}

Unlike last year, Nolan isn't our Frog Fearing Fella anymore.
He was eager to scoop up as many tadpoles as I would let him.
 Kensley was quick to bring up her beloved Fruit Roll Up... who has yet to be discovered!

  Nolan preferred to catch the tadpoles in a container... 
 ... while Kensley totally took the hands on approach!

We stopped by the library and checkout out a few books.
Kensley is eager to read and learn about what we need to do to grow them into adorable little frogs!

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