Pieces of Hope Cookies

We shop at some businesses simply because we like their products.
Then, there are other businesses we are patrons of because we support what they believe in.

{ Quick Examples }
Hobby Lobby - plays Christian music while you shop
Chick-Fil-A - closed on Sundays so employees can go to church
Family Christian Bookstore - gives 100% of their profits to orphans and widows

Today... I added another 'must support' business to my list.


Obviously they have super fantastic soup and sandwich combos,
they generously donate their day-end bread and baked goods to the hungry,
but did you know they are making special Autism Awareness Cookies?

{ $1 per cookie is donated to www.AutismSpeaks.org }

Yep!  It's a fact, Jack.  We visited the Charleston location today!

Kensley, with such confidence I've never witnessed, walked up to the cashier and said,

"I want a piece of hope cookie please."

Won't you please do your part to help find the cause and the cure for Autism?
Just think of it as a yummy, lemon, short bread donation that could change the world!

{ Cookies only available through April 6, 2014 - West Virginia and Kentucky locations }

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