Myrtle Beach {Part 2}

Thankfully, the weather started to warm up just a little bit so we decided to venture to Broadway At the Beach.

At first glance, these two could easily pass as siblings!
After lunch, we were quickly greeted by numerous sea gulls who were hungry... or at least they liked to beg for food.

A lady offered Kensley a french fry and before Kensley got a chance to lay it down,
the sea gull swooped down and snatched it out of her hand.  Yikes is right!

Next was one event Kensley couldn't stop talking about... Build-A-Bear.
She remembered getting to go last year and was anxious to go back!

Nolan isn't really into stuffed animals, so like last time, I promised him a toy of his choice later on.

The kids like making souvineer pennies anytime we vacation.

As promised, Nolan got to choose a special treat; Spider Man toy and a mini Lego set.
Although the weather was still cool, we headed to the beach to 'look for shells'.
As the pictures depict, we clearly had North Myrtle Beach all to ourselves!

Notice the kids got wet but there are no pictures of shells?
Yah.  That plan totally flew out of the window once they saw the ocean!
Melinda and I's first picture together!

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Jennifer said...

Love the pictures of the kids on the beach! They didn't mind the cold! We have drove to that build a bear just because it had a build a dino in it!!