Myrtle Beach {Part 1}

For almost the past 3 years, I've been 'friends' with someone I had never met.
What started out as someone whose blog I loved to follow, turned into an INCREDIBLE friendship!

Almost a year ago, I contacted Melinda and told her that I desired to meet her.
She quickly responded back that she was plain Jane as they come... she just loves Jesus.
And that's why I wanted to meet her!

Through emails, pen pal letters, texts and phone calls I feel in love with her.
I fell in love with who she is in Christ, and who she encouraged ME to be in Christ.

The opportunity arose to finally meet up at Myrtle Beach last week.
{You.  Have.  No.  Idea.  How.  Excited.  We.  Were.  For.  This.  Dream.  To.  Become.  A.  Reality}

The kids and I left for the beach and never looked back!

Our first stop was Krispy Kremes; this was a trip worth celebrating!

After 10 hours of driving we finally arrived at a car wash where we decided to meet.
The kids were so excited to meet their real life pen pals for the first time.
Both kids were a bit confused and thought they were getting 2 new sisters; I've never told them any different!

As soon as we got out of the car the girls jumped into the hammock and began giggling.
For months I wondered how weird our first introduction would be.
Yes, it was weird.  It was weird how our two families meshed as if we have always known each other!

The first day at the beach was very cold and windy.
We stayed at the cottage and the kids made crafts, colored and played the iPads while Melinda and I talked!

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