I. Am. One. Proud. Mama.

On the way to my Grandparent's house, I spotted this perfect weathered blue wall.
On an impulse (my real photography style) I had Kensley hop out of the car and I snapped a few pictures.
I absolutely LOVE how this shot turned out!

For the frist time, she was granted permission to wear a pair of my {dangly} earrings.
What was the special occasion?  I'm so glad you asked!

My grandparents are snow birds and reside in Floridia durning the winter months.
While they were away, Kensley has been working very hard on a special project.
My Grandparents returned home this week and Kensley was excited to show them how creative she has became.

To increase Kensley's handwriting practice, we started working our way through the DAY TO DAY KID'S BIBLE.
I read a passage then Kensley draws a picture and writes a little something pertaining to what the story was about.
Although it has been super time-intensive, I still feel that it is worth the commitment and dedication to fill her mind with God's word!

Here's a peak at some of her favorite illustrations!

Any bible scholars out there want to attempt to put these pages in order from Genesis to Judges?


Nolan had a little performance all of his own; he sang the US 44 Presidents {in order}.
Mamaw was SO proud of him!

The kids proceeded to share some of their memory work from the Classical Conversation Curriculum we did this year.  
At the end, Granddaddy gave each of the kids $2 for their 'report card money'.
Kensley is over-the-moon excited to have some more cash to put towards her American Girl doll.

I sure am proud of BOTH of our {smart} kiddos!

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