Special Request For A Sleeping Bag {18" Doll}

Rob and I made a deal with Kensley Christmas 2012 when she originally asked for an American Girl Doll.
The arrangement was if she took good care of Abby {knock-off AG doll} we would allow her to get the real deal!

Over the past 15 months Kensley has done an exceptional job being a Little Mama.
We have promised her that this summer she will get to earn her American Girl!

Preparing for the * special purchase * we have been searching dolls, clothes, earrings, shoes, etc.
I stumbled upon an adorable tutorial for a sleeping bag and Kensley instantly requested that I made one for Abby.


We had recently picked up some fresh and fun fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby.  
Kensley agreed it was the perfect material for the outside of the sleeping bag.
After a quick run to Walmart for a few supplies, I was ready to sew!

I had never sewn with batting before, but I'm glad I challenged myself so that the bag was fluffier and real looking.
I recommend choosing a fabric that already provides you with simple straight lines to sew for one side
and a totally random print for the opposite side just in case you get a little off square it won't show as bad.

Most of my sewing projects always include a vintage button from my Great Grandma's collection.
The simple black button looks like it has sprinkles in the inner circle; perfect for Kensley!

Since this was more of Kensley's project I let her choose the details.
She chose pink thread.  I love the contrast on the black and white tiny hearts.

And I couldn't forget a sweet little pillow!

 I had to take a picture of Abby sitting up.
{Dolls that have eyes that automatically close when they lay down totally freak me out.}

Needless to say, Kensley's smiles prove that she is appreciative of my work!


I have to include just ONE last photo.

I started sewing right before the kids went to bed.
 I thought it would be fun for Kensley to wake up and find the completed project.
A little after midnight, I slipped into her room and placed Abby in her sleeping bag beside her.
I grabbed my camera, snapped a picture and began laughing so hard {out loud} that I woke Kensley up.

Yes, she fell asleep {again} wearing her Scrat eye mask from the Ice Age movies.

Almost 6 years later, she still marches to the beat of her own drum!

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