Some Special Color Pops For The Kitchen

While playing at Whiting Park, Kensley was fascinated with these flowers and kept picking me handfuls of them.

Although they were unique in their natural color, I thought it might be fun to have the kids paint them!
(I have NO clue what they are - clearly some seed off a tree - feel free to let me know if you have any more information.)

They turned out PERFECT and add just the perfect pop of color for our kitchen.

See that sweet boy in the red shirt?  That's Boniface.  He's our Compassion kid.
When I see his face, it reminds me to pray for him.  Now that you've saw his face, won't you pray for his family too?

Although our kitchen looks 'sterile' to some, there's plenty of colors exploding in our cabinets... and our fridge!

Berry baskets are a new obsession of mine; if food looks good and is easy to get to, we will all eat healthier!


Melinda said...

So fun! We have those pawpaw things (that's the technical term for them in the Brown household!) around here too, but never even thought of painting them!! You are so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the bright colors! We call those pokey things Sweet Gum Balls