Letting Go... To Grasp What Really Matters

I eagerly bought my copy of Hands Free Mama last week at Family Christian Bookstore.
In preparation for my upcoming blog study on the book, I've read the first 2 chapters... and instantly my perspective about life changed.

I was reminded of just how badly I wanted our 2 blessings that I now often find myself too distracted to fully enjoy.
{I struggled with fertility for over 5 years before Kensley and was on bed rest for 29 weeks with Nolan.}

With a new outlook on making every moment count, I unexpectedly pulled the SUV over beside a pile of snow yesterday.
The kids were puzzled and questioned what we were doing.  I announced that they were going to climb the snow pile and play King of the Mountain.
If only I had my camera ready to capture their initial enthusiasm!

Before reading Rachel's book, I would have been too busy and just drove by this awesome memory maker and never gave it a second thought.
During this season our of lives, a great deal of our time is micromanaged revolving around appointments.
A personal pet peeve of mine is people who aren't punctual and I've never wanted to be one of those people
so I constantly feel like we need to hurry to make it to our scheduled destinations on time.

As we drove closer to the pile of plowed snow I asked myself, so what if we were 5 minutes late?  
Seeing the smiles on our kid's faces as they pelted snowballs at me was TOTALLY worth it.
And guess what?  We eneded up being right on time and not 5 minutes late!

I challenge you; if you have considered joining me on this HANDS FREE JOURNEY it's not too late.
(E-Readers cost around $8 to download)

And to clarify, you don't have to be a Mom to benefit from this series.
It's all about making the choice to love every day without distractions!

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Melinda said...

Can't wait to hear more about your book. I love that you're choosing your family first!