Lets Just Pretend Spring Has Sprung, Okay?

Today temperatures soared to a * perfect * 74 degrees with a light breeze and minimal humidity.
Seriously.  Why can't it be like this every day of the year?
The forecast is calling for a low of 12 degrees tomorrow with a chance of snow, so clearly spring isn't here to stay.

Nolan has recently had a fierce bout with the flu so I thought some good ole' fresh air may help him!
I'm up to my eyeballs with spring cleaning projects but decided that the organizing could wait.

First, we played at Whiting Park, a local park Rob actually helped build!

Next, we went to Dairy Queen.

The amount of red dye in Starkists should be illegal, but our kids always beg for them!
A few times a year, I give in and pray that their teeth will actually brush clean again from the red stain.
Can anyone else relate?

 Our last spring stop for the day was at Tractor Supply to check out the poultry.

Rob and I are partial to ducks, but Kensley insisted on asking an employee to see a baby chick up close.

It was the perfect day to enjoy some much-needed family time!

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