Kensley Singing the Presidents

Part of Kensley's home school curriculum this year is learning all of the Presidents in chronological order.

Barack Obama, the 44th President... it's for him we pray!

Our children don't receive an allowance; we encourage them to earn their rewards.
Kensley has wanted the Lego hedgehog for a while; this accomplishment was totally worth it!

Along the same lines, the kids have been working for weeks to fill their food charts.
For every new food that they ate, they earned a smiley face.
This week both kids met their goal of 25 new foods and got to pick out their prizes.

My parents TOTALLY came to our rescue and picked up Kensley's new Lego set in Charleston
 and delivered it to us since our local store was sold out. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Nolan chose Spider Man - I highly recommend the Juniors Lego sets for younger builders!

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Anonymous said...

I may steal your food chart idea! What a great incentive to try new foods :)