Hulk Smash Muffins

Most of my sewing endeavors are for Kensley for the mere fact that I have {almost} mastered ruffle aprons.
I had been searching for the perfect boy apron but gave up after I couldn't find anything suitable for Nolan.

While rushing through a craft store, Nolan spotted some Marvel super hero fabric and asked that I make him an apron.
I just couldn't say no.  The print was perfect for him and I knew I could escape with a simple design.

After I completed Nolan's apron, I questioned what he wanted to bake, his only response was "Hulk Smash".

And just like that, the idea of HULK SMASH MUFFINS were invented.

Nolan's tongue cracks me up; the harder he concentrates, the further he sticks it out!

In case you didn't know, the secret ingredients to Hulk Smash Muffins are:
8 drops of SMASH POWER (green food coloring)
and a quick sprinkle of SUPER HERO STRENGTH.

Add more SUPER HERO STRENGTH sprinkles to the top of the muffins for good measure and bake.

I threw together a grab plate of a few more green things and Nolan was thrilled for his special Hulk-inspired dinner!

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Melinda said...

So fun!! But I must say, that awesome ORANGE mixer *almost* stole the show :-)