Hands Free Mama {Overview}

I wouldn’t classify myself as person who is constantly distracted by technology,
but I will admit to being a distracted Mama.  

I have a to-do list on the counter, a to-do list on my phone and several to-do lists floating around in my head.  

I try to multitask the amount of must-dos and want-tos are simply unobtainable.  

Most days I am so exhausted I feel like I deserve a gold start for feeding the kids,
 teaching them school and not burning the house down while Rob is at work.
  Can you relate? 

I have boards on Pinterest with all sorts of fun crafts, games and recipes to make, 
yet the hustle bustle of raising kids and trying to keep the house going simply doesn’t leave any extra time.  
Or so I thought.  After the first day of reading Hands Free Mama my perception of my time immediately changed.
It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time. 
I was given 24 hours just like everyone else.
It all boiled down to how I managed my time. 

And then it hit me. {Like a literal punch in the face}

If I've been too distracted with 'life' to enjoy my family,
have I been too distract with 'life' to grow closer to God?

Ouch.  Is.  Right.  

I am joining the Hands Free Revolution to make the conscious effort to LOVE EVERY DAY.

To LOVE my husband more.
To LOVE our children more.

... But most importantly ...
To LOVE my SAVIOR more!

I pray that you will join me on this journey of taking control of our lives one decision at a time!

Because I am so determined that this will be a life changing experience,
I have put up little reminders around our home to help keep me on track.

The first and easiest thing I did was put a new background on my phone.
When I am temped to check incoming text messages, this is the first thing I see.

I also let my friends know that I am choosing to be tech-free from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
During that time I choose to be 100% present with our kids and turn my phone on silent mode.
I have been amazed at how respectful people have been!

Visit Wishing Well Creations and download her FREE "slow down and enjoy life" print!

I downloaded her print and I used it for the background of my laptop.

The Scrabble letters beside the fridge also serve as a perfect reminder.

I encourage you to read Chapters 1-3 this week and I would love to hear how God is showing you revelations about your own life!
Please feel free to leave your feedback 
in the comments or send them to my email.

WarmWinterWishes {at} yahoo {dot} com

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