God Is In The Details

Kensley recently required a routine MRI performed under anesthesia.
The night before, after learning about the upcoming appointment, she became too anxious to sleep.
I cuddled with her in her bed and we browsed eBay.  Kensley wanted to search for matching clothes for her doll, Abby.

She 'watched' several items; one of which were a sweet pair of PINK and YELLOW cat pajamas.
This set was perfect since it was both of their favorite colors.

After a { l..o..n..g } evening, I finally got Kensley to sleep and secretly changed Abby's jammies into the SAME set she chose online.
I wish you could have saw the delight on Kensley's face after she woke up and discovered that Abby already had her new jammies on!

( I ordered them from Kohls weeks prior and just saved them as a surprise. )

God is in the details!  The jammies were just the treat Kensley needed to distract her fears!

Our little fashionistas dressed and ready for their big day!

 How cute are these matching hospital bracelets?

The anesthesiologist and charge nurse were beyond amazing.
They gave Abby her very own mask... in her favorite color!

Kensley has enjoyed playing with the masks; I think hers may still have a little left over LAUGHING GAS in it!

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