Random Catch Up

After several calls, texts and emails questioning if I am okay, I thought I better update the blog!

Yes, I'm fine.  It's been a hard winter on me; I've been in the hospital 9 days in the past 9 weeks.
Looking forward to spring and getting healthy!

Here's some random pictures to help fill in the gaps over the past month.
Between medical issues and terrible cold/snowy weather, we haven't done too many exciting things!

We are so thankful for our pen pals in Georgia.  They always send us the coolest care packages!

Here's Kensley's letter that she sent in return this week.
It's an accordion envelope with jokes, stickers, bookmark and coloring sheet tucked inside. 

Due to below zero temperatures, the cats have been allowed to come inside.
They mostly stay in the school room, but from time to time the kids let them out to explore.

{ Where's Stella? }

Nolan was trying to get Piper to play Superman with him.

Nolan was excited to see new super hero books at the library.

We have enjoyed surprise visits by Papaw!
Scratch sheets are Kensley's new favorite craft.

I've enjoyed a little rearranging around the house; have big plans for a new living room soon!

Since I was recuperating from surgery, Rob took Kensley to her home school co-op.
It's safe to say that he has a new appreciation for what I do!

Nolan has grown very close to Rob lately; they even have matching crazy cowlicks!


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Melinda said...

Glad you're on the upswing! Love the catch-up pics!