{ Every Morning }

I can't wait for spring.  Most importantly, I can't wait for our entire family to be well!

Kensley had a * very * important lunch date scheduled with our sweet 82 year old neighbor.
The kids woke up with strange rashes.
Fearing the health of Ms. Nancy, I took the kids to a local clinic just as a precautionary measure.

I'm glad I did.  They both have staph infections/infantigo... we are waiting to see if the culture comes back as MERSA.
Total  Bummer.  Kensley's date had to be postponed and they are in quarantine until tomorrow night.

While the kids are enjoying too much Mario on the Wii U, I snapped a few pictures of our precious Nolan.

 His three favorites; Hulk, Iron Man Lego and of course, his little blankie.


 He is such a little stinker!

This picture sums up my life every morning!

Nolan insists on sleeping with his favorite Lego character, Iron Man, every night.
 And every morning (before the sun rises) he realizes that he is missing Iron Man's removable mask.

So every morning, the search begins to find Iron Man's mask... and tuck our little boy back in bed.

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