Random Christmas Blessings

I'm VERY behind on blogging (story of my life) but in the past month, life has been crazy.

I've been hospitalized... twice... for pneumonia

The kids and Rob were very sick.

My camera broke.  Totally broke.  I ordered a new one!

Rob hurt his back at work and was off work.

Kensley had her tonsils out.

You get the point.  It's life.  Everyone is busy.  Especially at Christmas time.

But... don't think even for a second, I didn't snap a few pictures along the way.

Enjoy some random photos that didn't otherwise fit into a Christmas post,
so I'm clumping them all together now, trying to get caught up!

Instead of "cheese" Kensley shouts "DIVA" at the camera!

 Christmas Day we spend at my Aunt and Uncle's house where they prepare a FABULOUS meal every year.

It's Rob's FAVORITE meal of the year!

 Christmas Eve service, the boys showed up at church all decked out in their 'ski lodge sweaters' as Rob calls them.

My Aunt hosted a little bake day at her house.  Nolan is the best cookie helper I've ever met!
And he's also totally smitten with his new cousin, Laney Lu.

Since I was so sick and in the hospital, Rob and the kids put up all of the decorations.
Didn't he do a WONDERFUL job with the tree!?!

** These two little rascals LIGHT UP MY LIFE **

She always has to have her arm around him and he always has to hold her hand!

The kids received special pajamas from their pen pals, Crista and Addie Grace.

I picked up Rob a new 'jazzy hat' at Kohls for less than $2.  It's funky and fun; perfect for him.

I couldn't believe how many cards we received this year; we had to stack them on top of each other.
I need to come up with a better display idea for next year.
It's a wonderful problem to have when it seems so many people post their card on Facebook and call it done.
I'm old fashioned.  I want to rush to the mailbox and hold something in my hands... other than a medical bill!

Elizabeth, this is for you!  Rob's Mom and kids with Moth Man at the local light festival.


We had breakfast with Mary and Joseph and Mary had just delivered Jesus.  A real live baby Jesus.
When you are five, it doesn't get any better than this!

Gingerbread houses are NOT worth the mess, trust me!

Kensley and Abby received matching Christmas jammies from my Mom.

And lastly, one of my Mom's favorite pictures from the season.
After a late night of watching movies, Nolan fell asleep by the twinkling lights!

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Sherri Stahlman said...

First praying all of you stay well for the rest of the winter.
I love your pictures and your posts. They lift my spirit and soul up when I feel just so out of whack!
My very favorite pics are of your sweet adorable babies. Her arm around him and his hand in hers. So precious!!! I love their smiles and know that they are truly happy and blessed by God. Thank you for always sharing!