Kensley's TONSILS & ADENOIDS Removal

For quite some time, we have been told that Kensley's tonsils were abnormally large.
We are pretty relaxed when it comes to medical intervention and didn't act upon the suggestion to have them removed.
As time went on and Kensley's sleep, eating and possibly seizures, were being affected we decided to go ahead with the surgery.

We do bribes.  Lots of them.  They work.
They work because it's a big deal when the kids earn one.

 Wrapped and ready for Kenlsey's big day!

 We arrived at the hospital and Kensley began watching Lego Friends videos.  
{ You will quickly learn that Lego Friends are the new thing in her life right now. }

We looked through her sticker book until they gave her a sedative to calm her over anxious little spirit.

After waiting 2 {long} hours, a nurse came out to the waiting room and told us they were taking Kensley back to recovery.
They had not attempted to wake her up, per our request.  We wanted to be with her when she woke up.

In an effort to keep some things as normal to her routine as possible, we played KLOVE through her iPad and simply let her rest.

She looked so peaceful sleeping.


As she woke up, the first thing she noticed was her IV.

Armed with another bribe in hand, we quickly distracted her with a new mini Lego Friends set.

An ice cream cart seems fitting for getting your tonsils out, right?

Kensley was the last patient of the day to leave.
She was just so tired and couldn't stay awake, therefore they wouldn't discharge her.

We had a very eventful ride home; I'll spare you the details.  Lets leave it at Kensley had a fierce reaction to the anesthesia.
It was 18 degrees and we had to pull over at a gas station, attempt to clean up Kensley and the car.
It was a memory maker for sure.  Rob earned the Best Dad of the Year award again!

The next morning after surgery Kensley was ready for visitors!

My Mom and Dad had been watching Nolan so they brought him home
 and spent a little time playing with Kensley.

Over the remainder of the weekend, quite a few visitors came to see our special little girl.

If you ask Kensley, her FAVORITE visitor was Nolan!

Kensley also received special treats from her awesome pen pals in Georgia.
{Melinda snapped a pictures of Crista shipping Kensley's care package.}

Kensley's get well card was spectacular.  It had a secret message written in it that was made visible with watercolors.  

GLITTER CRAYONS.  I mean seriously... how did she not already have these!?!  They are so perfect for her!

This DocMcStuffins book with special marker that made pictures magically appear was simply over the top!

Unfortunately, as it seems with any medication that Kensley is prescribed, the combination with her anti-seizure medicine causes her to seize.
If the warning says the side effect only happens to 1% of people, rest assured, it will happen to her!
After a rather dramatic seizure event, we were left with no choice but to not administer any more pain medication.
We spread the word to some mighty prayer warriors, and together we were able to pray her pain away!  THANK YOU JESUS :)

While recovering, Kensley has enjoyed getting {almost} unlimited access to games on her iPad.

Kensley found a new favorite ice cream; mint chocolate chip.
She also got scolded for sneaking Stella into her room and dressing her up.
With temperatures in the negatives, once again the cats were brought inside and supposed to be
camping out in the school room.  The cats have served as a perfect distraction for her during this time!

One of our greatest blessings during this experience was this Lego Friends house.
I found it at Walmart, nicely sitting on a shelf by a price tag of $35.
Knowing that was a steal of the century, I quickly took it to the register to cash out.
It rang up the normal price of $75.  I told them that it was out of our budget and asked them to put it back.
The cashier said to have someone in the toy department help me.
I asked an employee and {you won't believe this} they honored the lower price!

That was a savings of $40!

I really wanted this particular set because the house contained 7 individual bags.
I knew it would serve as SEVEN bribes for Kensley to take her antibiotics; our biggest struggle!

Her healing journey isn't over yet, but she is on the road to a speedy recovery!

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Samantha said...

I fell upon this because my son is getting his tonsils out and I'm trying to prepare him. Coincidentally we've also been told for a very long time that he has large tonsils AND he has epilepsy. He doesn't sleep well, and never has, and we've kind of just fallen upon this surgery ourselves. He's 5. Thanks for your story!