CC Week 13 - Ms. Kelly's Class

We made the decision to move Kensley up to the next level class at CC.
Although I hated for her not have Ms. Ashley for a teacher or have Bre in her class,
Lexi and Rachel in Ms. Kelly's class welcomed her with open arms!

 Ms. Kelly whipped up a "Latin Lady" over break and acted like it was no big deal.  She sure is crafty!

Although we don't personally enforce hand motions, they sure do help in remembering the words to the memory work.

 Nolan's favorite time at CC is snack time; he loved the opportunity to be included at the table today!

This week's art theme was Rembrandt; you have no idea how much I enjoyed watching Kensley look at herself in the mirror.

 Each of the students practiced drawing their own portraits.  
Kensley drew herself sneezing... where does she come up with her ideas at!?!

 Science is always so fun for Kensley!

Ms. Kelly made up the cutest review game called, "I MUSTACHE ask you a question".
Remember, I told you she is crafty!

 I find it ironic that upon handing BOTH of our kids mustaches, they BOTH used them as unibrows.
Clearly, there's no denying we sure are one hairy family!

Although we enjoyed our break from CC, I am *so* glad to get back into our normal swing of things!

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