SAND Castles vs. SNOW Castles

We woke up this morning and the flurries began coming down.
Soon, the snow was pouring down on us.

In 2 1/2 hours, it snowed almost 7 inches!

 The kids and I pretended that we were at the beach and got out the sand toys. 

At the beach this summer, we sprayed sand castles with paint, so we did the same thing with our snow castles.

(This snow was too light and fluffy; it didn't pack together well.)

 Kensley made a special green and purple cake and really enjoyed eating it.

Nolan took a swim in the 'rainbow ocean'. 

And we couldn't forget the digger!

In the end, I think our best bet was dumping the colored water out on the snow verses spraying it.
Our kids will have little hands that aren't very strong yet making it frustrating when the dye didn't appear quickly.

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Melinda said...

If I didn't remember so vividly just how cold all that snow really is, I would say how much I miss it. Glad the kids were able to enjoy it! So, what do they like better...building snow castles or sand castles??