Nana's Work Party 2013

My Mother-in-law's work puts together a GENEROUS Christmas party for the kids and grandchildren of NGK.

Just like last year, the kids were excited to go see Santa and see if he 'knew' what they wanted!

 Randy helped the kids get some snacks to munch on while they waited for their names to be called.

 Wonder what Santa picked for the kids this year?

Once Kensley got to Santa, she didn't want to leave him.
I find this rather amusing since we don't 'do' Santa,
but it was fun to see the magic of Christmas is still there, tucked in her little heart.

 As usual, our kids get excited to see their names on things... it means it is really meant for THEM!

** LEGOS **  Perfect gifts for our kids this year!

When it came time for Santa to leave, long after everyone but us had already left,
the kids ran to him and gave him a great big hug.
Santa sure did an amazing job this year.  I hope he can come back next year!

NGK graciously gave presents to over 220 kids.  
With a budget of $25 per child, that was an enormous amount to give.

THANKS NGK; your party is one tradition our kids never want to miss!


Melinda said...

ok, that last pic....PRECIOUS!!!

Christy K. said...

Caitlin's dad worked there for years, and she REALLY enjoyed the party there when she was little :)