Jorney To Bethlehem

 A church in our town put on their annual live outdoor drama this past weekend.  
Since Rob is still very sick, this seemed like the perfect activity to get the kids out of the house and let him rest.  
Nana came to our house, we bundled the kids up and headed out for an evening of fun!

{Waiting in the warm church for our group to be called}

After every scene, Kensley would hang back after the rest of the group moved to the next scene
 and would try and get each character to wave at her!  Moses was the sweetest :) 

Mary and her Mother


The inn keeper and his wife

The Shepherds

King Harold and the Wise Men

The king totally stayed in character and didn't give Kensley a friendly wave.
She now remembers him as the grouchy, greedy King!

Joseph, Mary and precious baby Jesus

Yes, Kensley actually asked Joseph if he would take his picture with her!

Thanks Tabernacle, for putting on a wonderful drama that made the story
of Christ's Birth seem even MORE real this year for our kids!

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