Christmas Eve - At Mom and Dad's

After we left my Grandma's house, we went to parent's house, just right down the road.

One of my favorite childhood memories is always finding a card (and most years) a gift 
that my Dad tucked between the branches of the Christmas tree.  This year was no different!

Thor, Dad's dog he adopted this year, was the first to get to open his presents!


As you can see, my parents are very good at spoiling the kids, but Kensley's most dramatic reaction 
was over opening Cow Tails.  What can I say?  We love candy around our place!

Rob's dream come true!

 Despite all of the excitement over new toys, it touched my heart to see Kensley to eager to thank my parents with hugs!

Come on, sing it with me: "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause."
My parents have always had a mistletoe ball.  It's a tradition I think I need to carry on for our kids!

Why we didn't think of getting a photo together before a half hour before midnight blows my mind.

Oh well.  Guess that's just part of the making memories, right?

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Melinda said...

Your family is just precious!! I love them even though I've never met them :-) Candy always creates the biggest grins at our house too! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!