Sparkle is O'Fishally One! {Goldfish Mini Party}

At our church's Halleluiah Night last year, Kensley won 3 goldfish.
Two were quick to perish, but one... well... lets just say I didn't try very hard to keep it alive but it never died.
Eventually, we embraced the fact that we now had a 'pet' and purchased it a larger tank... and the rest is history.

Our family doesn't do Halloween, so Kensley opted for her fishy to have a party.
She called it a Birthday Party... I called it a party that celebrated keeping her goldfish alive for a year!

We enjoyed fish marshmallow pops and candy sushi.

We also had 'fish and chips' and pizza.

Earlier in the week, I took the kids to Pet Smart and let them pick out a new accessory for Sparkle's tank.
Leave it to Kensley to find a pink castle, with glittering gems and a heart shaped door.

Kensley wanted to wrap up the gift and opened it with Nana.
 Nana's reaction to Sparkle's new princess castle was priceless!

I decorated Fishy's tank with a washi tape banner; one of my easiest ideas yet!

Some people thought I was crazy for throwing the fish a party.
It does sound a little weird, but it was a big deal to Kensley.
And since we do lots of little parties, I already had everything on hand, so why not?

We celebrated, we laughed, but most importantly, we made memories!

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Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Sparkles!! Hope your day was magical ;-)