Happy { Super Hero } Birthday, Katherine

Kensley was invited to a Super Hero Birthday and she instantly became obsessed with going...
dressed as a super hero.

It just so happens that Nolan received a cape and mask for his Birthday, Ta-Da, instant super hero outfit!

** These next 2 poses crack me up **

I am thrilled to see who Kensley is becoming... especially when she acts silly in front of the camera!

Kensley as a super hero Spanish Bull Fighter

Kensley as a super hero Egyptian

Once we arrived at the party, I couldn't contain myself; total cuteness overload!

Katherine's party favors were those tiny little mason jars { that yours truly is OBSESSED with } filled with Skittles.  What a fun idea!

Watching the men blow up the jump house.

The jump has was obviously a BIG hit!

Katherine invited her entire class from school.  We were thrilled to also be included in such a fun party.

The cupcakes were obviously VERY yummy; Kensley ate TWO.

**  Happy 5th Birthday, Katherine  **
You are a SUPER HERO in our book!

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Melinda said...

You and your friends must bleed creativity!! Awesome party!