Crista and Addie Grace, This Post Is For You!

After Rob's Thanksgiving dinner at work today, he was able to come home early.
The.  Kids.  Were.  Thrilled.

Typically when there is snow, Daddy always has to plow the roads in town,
but not today.  He spent the afternoon pulling the kids on a sled with the mini bike.

As always, he's such a FUN Dad!

The kids requested no pictures, but I couldn't resist.
There is nothing sweeter than seeing your husband play with your kids!

Thankfully, I got the door shut just in time to escape this snowball in my face!
My sweet friend, Melinda, lives in Georgia.  They don't get snow there.  Ever. 
They have fun traditions of what they used to do when they lived in Indiana.
Since they can't make real SNOW cones, we ate them in your honor today!
I didn't know how to make them.  We just rolled with it.
I mixed 3/4 cup sugar with a package of Kool-Aid.

Note to self:  Never use strawberry flavoring again.
There's something about eating RED snow during deer season that is just wrong!


Melinda said...

Dear Kensley, the snow cones looked yummy! I wished it snowed here. The sledding looked awesome!! We used to do the same thing with the 4-wheeler. Its just not the same without snow!


Melinda said...

Awww, we feel the love!! The girls loved looking at all the fun pictures. Thanks for making the snow cones in our honor! They looked wonderful and made us miss real snow cones all the more! And personally, I'm so glad you didn't get pelted by that snow ball. There is nothing worse than a snow ball in your face...BURRRR!!!